Divorce Mediation

Our attorneys and counselors are trained and impartial mediators and arbitrators. who can listen to each parties’ perspective and assist parties in resolving divorce-related We serve Howard county couples and families, helping resolve issues involving divorce and family law, like child support and custody, division of assets and other civil issues.


Prepare for Mediation

  1. Make a list of your Assets & Debts with approximate balances. If you don’t know, that’s ok. We will address this.
  2. Avoid Arguments. It’s OK to talk about issues with your spouse or ex-spouse before coming to mediation, BUT HERE’S A CAUTION: Arguing about issues can result in each party “Digging In” to a position and makes future negotiation difficult. You might be wise to wait until your first mediation session before you start negotiating.
  3. Consulting An Attorney: Some folks consult their separate attorney before mediation. We suggest that you find one who is “Mediation Friendly”. Many clients wait until after mediation is complete and review their Separation Agreement with separate counsel before signing it. YOU WILL NEVER SIGN ANYTHING IN OUR OFFICE. Agreements are mailed to you so you have the time to review them carefully.


Mediation Checklist

Issues Relating to Your Children
___  Parenting Schedule (Lawyers call this “Custody & Visitation”)
___  Legal Custody (Decision Making)
___  Child Support (Required in Maryland)

___  Health Insurance (Coverage for Children)
___  Extra Medical Expenses (Not Covered by Health Insurance)
___  Dependency Exemption (Tax Issues)
___  Camp
___  Private School
___  College Education
___  Extra Ordinary Expenses (Costs for Things Other Than Basic Needs)
___  Parenting & Communication Rules
___  Changing Residences or Restricting Moves Outside of the Area
___  Introducing Children to Dates or Significant Others
MD DHR Child Support Calculation Site

Alimony & Spousal Support
___ Mutual Waiver of Alimony?
___ Amount
___ Duration Temporary or Permanent
___ Modification in the Future
___ Remarriage
Info About Alimony from MD County Govt. Site

Monetary Award & Issues for a Marital Property Settlement
___ Lump Sum Payment
___ Life Insurance
*Benefiting Children
*Benefiting Spouses
___ Health Insurance
___ Asset Allocation
*Bank Accounts
*Stocks & Bonds
*Retirement Accounts (IRAs, Pensions, Civil Service Retirement, Etc.)
*Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)

Personal Property
___ Furniture
___ Automobiles
___ Boats & Planes

Marital Home
___ Home Sold
___ Home To Be Sold
___ Buy Out By One Party
___ Use & Possession w/ Buy Out
___ Public Auction

___ Division of Debt Responsibility
___ Each Party Pays Own Debts
___ Indemnification Clause

Tax Returns
___ Joint Filing
___ Separate Filing
___ Deductions
___ Exemptions

Counsel Fees & Court Costs

Other Real Estate
___ Rental Property
___ Vacation Home
___ Second Home
___ Time Share

Miscellaneous & Other Issues To Be Discussed

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